The Carpenter

A man wearing a carpenter's belt walks down a busy city street.
Making his way to a particular street corner, he lowers to his knees.
He draws his hammer from its holster and a large nail from his pouch.
The Man carefully positions the nail
and drives it into the sidewalk pavement.

Slowly at first, and then more rapidly
milk begins to gush from the open wound.
A crowd of alarmed onlookers forms.
Soon an ambulance arrives, but the medics are unable to stop the bleeding.
The hemorrhaging continues until downtown is flooded with milk.
Rolling to the waterfront, the milk spills into the sea
staining the ocean

Thirty minutes after the injury the city has lost power.
Ten minutes later telephones are dead and traffic is at a standstill.
In less than an hour, the city is pronounced dead.

The carpenter denies having any involvement with the incident.

This piece is transcribed from a collection of spoken word performances on thenew Head and Leg album, "In Your Dreams," centering on the emotionalcontrasts and conflicts between the dream and waking worlds. More info on Head and Leg Productions is available at

Dreamed by: Head and Leg