Butts and Boogers

I was running with this guy from my high school who always kind of grossed me out. He had pastey, white clammy skin and a severe acne problem. His hair was somewheres between blonde-greena and corpse. Anyway, we're running and going through a tunnel, whilst inside the tunnel he becomes nekkid and I try to avoid this vision by passing him. I look back to see where he is and he's bent over grabbing his ankles and i have the unfortunate oppurtunity to examine his ass and genitalia. Where your buttock becomes your leg, he had this white cyst the size of a marble and before I could even grimace, something started coming out of his anus! I'm thinking "If he starts a poopin, I am OUTTIE" but it isn't doody, it's an animal that looks kind of like a bat and it in a clear birth sack. THen it changes to me looking in the mirror and the whole outer part of my nostril is encased in dried boogar. I'm completely shocked and thinking "If it's all dried up, It must've been there forEV! ER." So I pull on it and it's attatched on the inside too. Amidst the bed of boogar is a perfectly formed, teeny weenie butterfly with yellow, violet and blue wings. I thought to myself "this is a sign."

Dreamed by: Melissa Marie VanTil