Building Blocks

I enter a giant underground megalopolis. wandering around from bustastion , furs cafeteria ,movie theater. im going down stairs now . theres a young mexican kid laying with his head facing the bottom of the stairs hes rolled up in a blanket. i continue on. there seems to be no outside entering a stadium, thousands of people pushing shopping carts wearing back packs . all of them seem to be homeless.

An old couple bumps into another person pushing a shopping cart. their shopping cart falls over and its contents of building blocks spread accross the floor. i bend over to help pick up the little building blocks and the old woman asks me why i am doing so. she informs me that it is against the law and that nobody ever helped her before. so i help her anyways saying im not afraid of whomever they may be. I walk straight towards the edge of the collesium through a wall and standing overlooking a giant valley overlooking the outdoors. some friends of mine are there cliff diving, and swimming back up the waterfall.

Dreamed by: Cliff