My Body Shuts Off

my best friends husband cut off his penis and gave it to me wrapped in tinfoil.

i kept it underneath my couch cushions and sometimes, i have trouble admitting since i only see him as an asexual friend, inside of me

he said he cut it off so it would grow back bigger, if he shook it around a couple times a day. i no longer continued keeping the dismembered member with in me because i thought that it must be getting old and smelly so i put it back under the couch

i wondered if my best friend noticed her husbands dick was missing. i went to a party and ran into some friends of mine from neworleans i had forgotten about and met a bevy of women who introduced themselves to me as 'one fifth' 'two eighths' 50% ect.

then they started argueing about whos percentage was accurate and larger. i rode in a convertable and woke up confused.

this isnt really that interesting as it is puzzling to me and its the dream i had the nite after i fell apon justins web site. somehow the mood connects to me.

Dreamed by: niki