Bo Peep

I'm standing in the center of the tennis courts and the bright morning sun is shining in my eyes. No matter which way I turn the sun continues to blind me. Soon I realize I can hear music. It's not clear, and sounds like it's being played through a old crackling intercom system. The song is a song I really like and rarely ever hear. I pull a piece of paper and pencil from my pocket to write down the words now... while I have the chance. To my left I see a large boulder on the court. Still half-blinded by the sun I walk over and intend to use it as a writing surface. As I strain to understand the words I write. The rock is strangely soft, and it causes my pencil to break through the paper. The rock begins to move. I strain to make out exactly what it is, but the sun won't stop shinning in my eyes. Soon I can focus and see that it's a man. His face and shoulder are cut so deep that one side of his head hangs to the left. He reaches through his layers of coats and pulls open his shirt so i can see this huge scare on his chest. It has heeled and the stitch marks are still there. The music stops and he starts walking towards me. I keep backing up until I feel the chain link fence on my back. The sun gets brighter as he walks closer until all I can see is light. Coming from the distance I can hear two women laughing and coming closer. The sun fades to the point were it is nonexistent. As my eyes focus I see the two women in the entrance of the tennis courts. A tall athletic woman and a shorter heavy woman. Both dressed like little bow peep. from behind them come 5 sheep onto the courts. The sheep have sheep bodies and human heads. Heads of people I've seen but not that I know as friends. In unison they are saying 'bahhh'. At some point I've moved to the center of the courts and they begin to run in a circle around me. All in step. All still naying in unison. Looking to me. Then I woke up.

Dreamed by: Rachel

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