It's in a dark celler or something, sounds like thunder outside, everyone is scared. When it stops we all go up and push open the wooden doors. We climb out and look around, nothing is left, just a burnt twisted tree. Everything else is black and burnt. We all just stand around for a moment,it feels so lost. Then a friend and I get in a car , an old convertable, and drive thru the desert. We drive for a long time, then we see a tower made of blu glass a ways off. I go inside, I don't know what happened to my friend, it dosen't seem to matter. In the center of the tower is a huge tree with no leaves but pleanty of branches. I start climbing and pretty soon I see that all of the branches have elderly people sitting like birds all over them.I grab hold and sit down next to this old guy who leers,grins and hops into the air shrieking "one hand I only need one hand" and he flaps off using only one arm. I wake up as puzzled as I was in the dream.

Dreamed by: Maria Kruse