The BIG Change

Last night I had a pretty weird dream. I was walking out of my hair dressers place, and relized that I had just gotten a perm. They only problem was, it was so kinky that it had the texture of black peoples hair. Then, I saw a mirror and relized yet another surprise, the perm had colored my hair black. As I was walking down the street a whole group of black girls came up to me and they were really being nice. Then, looked down at my arms, and they were so tan, that they looked black, too! I was realy feeling uncovertable with these people, because I knew what they thought I was, I really wasn't. It was so fusterating!

This dream is probobly really stupid and bored you. Sorry if it did! It did happen, though, and maybe you can give me some feed back on what it ment! Oh yeah, I'm not prejuduce, or anything. Okay? Bye.

Dreamed by: Sharrona Sharrona