I dreamt I was making a movie with David Duchovny, only it was really Fox Mulder. He had that personality. We were starting out with the shower scene, in front of a live studio audience. David/Fox had on one of those nice dark suits he always wears, but I was wrapped only in a towel, with another one around my hair. We stood in back of the room, among the wires, cameras and boom lights, trying to avoid the greedy eyes of the audience. The scene was mine and a big clawfoot tub sat in the center of the soundstage.

"Want to join me in the shower?" I asked David/Fox. "The curtains are up so no one will know."

He grinned, a sad little doomed smile and agreed. I went out to look at the tub. The curtain was hanging from one of those wrap-around racks, but the stagehands had left it outside the tub.

"If you do it like this," I explained, "the water is going to leak out all over the floor." Then I tucked the curtain inside the tub.

When it was time to start filmi! ng, I climbed in the tub and pulled the curtain closed. Then David/Fox climbed in, from the opposite side so that the audience couldn't see him. I had no idea where the camera was placed and I don't think it was filming us at all because we began to kiss. Somehow, we knew the audience knew he was there, but they didn't know who he was. We didn't care, though, we were too wrapped up in each other. Then we heard a commotion and the whole studio got chaotic, with people running everywhere and shouting. We climbed out of the shower and no one seemed to care what was going on with us. We ran out into the hall, a bright, white room with a large stairwell that looked like it came out of a Bauhaus museum. Coming up the stairs was a huge creepy Alien-looking thing.

David/Fox turned to me. "I gotta take care of this thing." Then he ran off down the hall.

I ran back into the studio and some people hustled me off to somewhere safer.

Dreamed by: Antonia