Wagon Spirit Shredded by Dogs

Somewhere with my family. Riding home in station wagon.I blanked out for what seemed like mere seconds. WhenI came to, only my gramma and dad were in the car. Theywere in a trancelike state (or so it appeared). I couldhave sworn there were more people in the car before Iblacked out. There was a strange mood in the air.

We get back to my parents and I find out that the car hadbeen attacked by some maurauders and some of my family hadbeen killed. My dad was in a stunned state, my grammawrithed on the floor in emotional agony. Bodies layaround the house covered by shrouds. I was beginningto freak out. Screaming that we should call the hospitaland see if my mom or sisters were taken there. I cried."I want mom back..." (very depressing)

I went to look out the front window, saw the Station Wagonrolling backwards of its own power... it had been damagedin the attack. It rolled backwards and slowly ran overa dog in the night street. Barely injured, the dog got upand chased the slow-moving car. The car got wedged againsta metal light pole and from the car stumbled itshumanoid spirit! A shadowy being that staggered along likethe scarecrow from Wizard of Oz. The dog pounced on theshadowy (nearly translucent) spirit... then a pack ofneighborhood dogs joined in... tearing the spirit topieces.

Dreamed by: Ed Stastny