The Truant Officer and the Guard Dog Family

In this dream I'm back in high school (ugh) standing outside having a smoke. A short woman with John Lennon round glasses walks up to me and says, "Ok, time to get back inside." I ask "Who are you?" she identifires herself as the truant officer. I follow her into my school which looks like something out of Bosnia. She leads me through several metal-clad doors, down a few corridors up a starcase into the security office. She tells me to watch out for the guard-dog, a vicious German Shepard. I see the dog in the room, he looks old and beat up, I call him over to pet him and either he or the truant officer tells me that I'm alright and that I can play with the puppies. Just then six or seven puppies pop their heads out from some metal box in the room and shout "puppies!" in high squealy voices.

My little baby daughter wakes us up often during the night, and has given my wife and I the gift of dream recall.

Dreamed by: Maury Guerra

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