Timeless Oceans

I was on a beach. i did not arrive there, it just seemed like i have been there for the longest time, never arriving, never leaving.. the grey sourceless light in the sky indicated that it was probably around 7-8 oclock in the evening, but i knew this place was timeless, without the dimension of time. the entire scenery seemed like a stage set, where the horizon ended abruptly against a flat distant sky, suffused through with a deep blue/grey light. the sea stretched before me, but i knew it was only ankle-deep throughout, and boiling with piranhas (!) the surface was glassy, but whenever ripples broke out, they swirled in multi-coloured ringlets, like UV-light photos. I turned back and walked towards the beach, where a row of striped beach tents were silhouetted like picket fences. as i passed one, i saw two of my acquaintances sitting inside, just staring at me as i walked past, eyes gleaming, as though they have been sitting there forever just waiting for this moment to watch and evaluate me... it was scarey. i felt nervous and insecure and went to the next tent to change out of my shirt when suddenly torrents of water came pouring down from the roof of the tent, drenching me completely.

i am constantly dreaming of beaches, both surreal and realistic. i am always either alone or with another nameless yet beautiful presence, and we're both quietly watching the sea come inwards in the gloom of evening, wind blowing.. it's very sad, and timeless, yet it's sort of like what we'v always wanted to do.

Dreamed by: EricaKane