Before Basketball Practice

Atmosphere: laid back (after school)

Locations: school, bus

Mood: semi-happy, happy, slight fear, neutral

Symbols/Objects: clothes, hallway, crowd, room, handshake, "howdy," courtyard, wasps, cleaned out, locker, locker room, store, buy, steal, crawl, gym, bus, bathroom

Journey/Travel: walking/running down the hallway; on the bus

Color: the gumballs were the only really bright things, in various colors; the lavender bag

Conversations: w/ Kerry, bus driver

Previous Associations: Of course I would be excited if Laura could really walk, after the accident (She was in a car accident - which left her in a wheelchair for a while - with four others - all in my grade- , one of whom died. Two others from the accident - the three of them being friends of mine - are listed as Kerry and Lena.) and all. The Dream: "Before Basketball Practice"

I was a basketball player in the dream, but I knew I really wasn't. In real life I play volleyball, not basketball. It was after school and before practice. I was walking through the gym hallway greeting various people in the after school rush. Kerry , Lena, and Heather, (friends of mine from school) who called to me while working her way through the crowd. I think I was looking for something, maybe my basketball clothes. I saw Sarah and Anisha (friend from volleyball and general friend from school - year older than me) in the ESL (english help for foreigners) room and said hi to them. I talked to Kerry briefly, she asked if I had seen Laura. I hadn't. She pointed out that she was just over there. Christine (her sister) was wheeling her in from the courtyard. I greeted them both with a handshake and said "howdy." I thought about how awkward handshakes were for one's hands. Then Christine walked off to the gym tunnel and sat down with these freshmen boys, started talking to ! them. Laura got up and was walking around a little. It was no big deal to Christine. I was so excited that I hugged Laura. Then we were somewhere else, somewhere futuristic. There were these colorful gum balls there. I suddenly realized that they would turn into wasps and get her if I didn't chew them. So I did. Then I ran to the locker room to finally get my clothes for practice. I remembered that I didn't have any, because I had already cleaned out my gym locker. There was a sort of store in the locker room. Mary (friend from volleyball) and her friends were there buying stuff for each other. I was annoyed at them for some reason. I stole something in a lavender bag and crawled out to avoid being caught. Mrs. Ken (my old volleyball coach) and two others were passing a volleyball in the gym as I left. Next I remember being on the bus home. It stopped at Oak St (the street I get dropped off at), though I was the only one on it. Then there were two buses. They were very long. I walked to the far end and asked the man there if it had a bathroom (so I could change into my basketball clothes). I think he said no.

This might sound funny, but the night before I had this dream I had asked Morpheus (the Lord of Dream - also a protagonist in the Sandman, a comic book that I read regularly) to give me a sign as to why the friendship between me and my friend, Katie, was just not working. After having written the dream down the following morning, I got the distinct impression that I had dreamed the dream as her. She does play basketball, whereas I do not. At any rate, I was wondering if you could help me out with it.

Dreamed by: J.O.