I spent an evening in a small room, as night fell i slipped into the halls. nothing peculiar.i walked into an enormous room. the walls were only a series of windows, the glass replaced with lead. the centre of the room a staircase. i descend. the sun is shining and there are children playing, im smoking a cigarette, a habit i had previously quit(successfully). im trying to remember a word. im on the staircase, the last step i take i'm speaking with a snake, it makes sense to me and i understand, but the tongue is foreign to me. the snake strikes, and i reach to try and grab it. i squeeze it until it is motionless. the sun is shining, the celing of the cellar room is gone, im in the clouds above a lake, its perimeter scarred with dead bleach white trees, i'm moving fast with half control, like one of those hard to play video games, great graphics, no control. i'm at the edge of a structure, water all around i cant remember what time it is and it really disturbs me. i look at my watch, but the face is all blurry and i try hard to focuss. i look up and hear voices, they speak to me, something desperately important. i awake remembering the dream for moments, struggling to recall details, three hours later i do, as i'm watching cartoons on t.v.i still feel emptiness not knowing what the snake was saying, it couldn't have been very nice.

now im going to lose sleep

Dreamed by: r.s.Hry