Soap Scum

I woke up and it was a normal day. I started to get ready for the day bytaking a shower, etc. While I was in the shower, all I could do was thinkabout how I needed to run the dishwasher. It became my obsession. I stayed in theshower for about three hours, I think, just so that I could try to controlmy new found fetish with dishwashers, because my psychiatrist and psychologist havetold me not to obsess, that I should do other things to try to take my mind off of obsessing.

Like with the woman that lives below me. She is so nice... Um. Well, so, after being in theshower for three hours, I was feeling a little strange all over.Three hour showers do odd things to your body.Well, so, after my long shower, I went out into the kitchen to make breakfast. While I wasin there I saw it. The dishwasher... I became instantly reobsessed with this amazing appliance.

I went over to it. I looked it all over like a I would look over a yound model...I stared at it's dials and imagined turning them around.I reached out to touch it... and...I felt like I had never felt before. Not even sex is this good. I felt warm all overand my shower-wrinkled body became hard again. I pushed the dial around in a small perfect circle.

I felt the ridges of the dial in my and felt myself becoming excited.Then, I opened the dishwasher's door.

Inside, I saw stuff that I could never imagine in real life! This was amazing to me.I tried to climb inside of the dishwasher, feeling so completely drawn to its small,oddly shaped drawers. I ran my hands all over its little glass holders.I put myself inside of its soap holder...

Then, I became the soap! I felt myself melt, deep down inside of its soap holder.Soon, the door closed and I felt warmth all over me. I felt like some erotic play thing.I tried to hold back from this excitment! But, how could I?I let myself seep out of the soap holder and into the dishwasher...

Dreamed by: Matthew