Snake Sex from Some Other Land

One night I dream that there were snakes living under my house.I didn't know what they were doing there, but I was scared.So, I went down under my house through a secret passageway that I found.I saw millions of snakes (I counted them) under my house.But, they were not really snakes. They were half human. No, not reallyhuman, but something humanoid. I tried to talk with them, because I didn't wantthem living under my house. They did not respond in english, they seemed to speakfrench, which I speak, also, BUT it was not really french.I listened to their "noises" for what seemed like hours. I thought that it mighthave been longer, though, because I noticed that the sun went down and then roseabout 13 times.

The snakes/people decided that they could learn english after all this time.They made me talk about sex. This is how they learned english.They spoke it very well.

BUT all they could talk about was sex.I remember them asking me what my name was, and I answered them in some language I hadnever spoken before. My name was something like Exekials in their language. My real nameis Matthew.

Anyway, after a long discussion on what my name meant in their language, I soon understoodwhy they had been asking about sex. They had been talking about sex because my name means"The keeper of all children who want to have sex" in their language.It seems that they don't live very long anymore because they can't find good houses to live under.This is a real dream and I really would like to know what it means because I have much stranger dreams usuallyand I figured that if I could find out what this one meant, that my other dreams aboutsex could be interpretted more easily by my psychologists.

Dreamed by: Matthew