A Great Sea of Sex Surrounds Me

like Vegas only brighter, wetter, and louder. the skyline's a huge TV screen. Bob Barker that slimy smiling bastard, has burst free from Time & Consequences and is setting majestically in the west while millions of tiny tongues wiggle over me like a car wash. spin the big wheel behind the sunset. thru the majic lantern flashes images of stuttering undress, breasts out, pants exploding. I'm swimming for land against a billion jelloey bulbs of luminescence and tumescence. on shore, the Hollywood Hills are blazing. melting. green and brown rivers of house flow downhill to the beaches. under clouds of black smoke I discover an inflatable raft and paddle back into the lukewarm waters. soothing warmth. miraculously a pina colada floats by and I take a sip. somewhere I know i'll be awake soon, cold and needing to pee.

Dreamed by: Patrick Ludwig