Alabama dreamin

I was in Montgomery Alabama, in the mid sixties, at a civil rights march. I'm white, and there were other whites there and we were all very happy to be helping out. There were a lot of black people who wanted to register to vote, and we were trying to get them registered. We were all in a big church, and we were talking about the Jim Crow laws.

There were cracker policemen outside threatening us, but we were ready to resist them. Even though they lived with them, a lot of people had never heard of Jim Crow. We tried to explain it to them, but i remembered that I was essentially a time traveller, since I was in a dream of the past, and that I had the benefit of historical hindsight, which these people did not have. Then we talked about Martin Luther King, and since I was a time traveller, I knew he was going to die soon, and a started to cry. I cried a lot. Then I woke up.

This dream happened only a couple of days after Martin Luther King day, 1997.

Dreamed by: Saint Wayne